Work In Progress {: .wip-float}

This isn't finished yet. So don't blame me if there are spelling mistakes or it's just nonsense. {: .wip-text}

This blog is really for my benefit. In years to come I'll forget how I did some of this stuff. If I've got it written down somewhere I'll be able to figure it out again. If it helps you too that's just a bonus!

The topics I am hoping to cover are:

  • C# and dotnet core
  • Visual Studio Code
  • MySQL and SQL server
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Arduino(s)
  • Docker
  • VueJS

I've been using Visual Studio Code the last year and a half, so most of my code will be using that.

I'm also interested in electronics and amateur radio - so there will some of that as well.

Lots of this will be cross platform, so dotnet on the Raspberry Pi, remote debugging the code in VS Code, that sort of thing.