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This isn’t finished yet. So don’t blame me if there are spelling mistakes or it’s just nonsense.

Welcome to the Codewrite blog. If you are an potential employer, then consider this an unofficial version of my CV. Otherwise this is my work related biography. So who am I and why would you want to read my biography? Well I am one of many, many software engineers in the world, I have been writing programs professionally for a long time. But then so have lots of people.

So what makes this worth reading? Who knows?

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I started my career at Marconi as a hardware engineer having graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Electronic Systems Engineering. It was pretty obvious to people there, and to me, that I was interested in anything software related and so I eventually ended up working in the Applications Software team.

I then moved to a company called DIP on the Surrey Research Park. DIP made handheld computers for Atari and Sharp. My job was to write the applications on these devices - which were applications like the Address Book, Diary and Spreadsheet. I worked for DIP for 4 years.

Atari Portfolio

My claim to fame (extremely tenuous!) is that the Atari Portfolio was used in the film Terminator 2.

After DIP I worked in telecoms for a company called Airspan. To start with Airspan were in Ashtead near Heathrow Terminal 4. They later moved to Uxbridge. I did spend some time writing firmware in C, but most of my time was writing the Network Manager code in C++ and MFC. I was promoted to Architect and Team Leader of the Network Management Systems and as time progressed we rewrote the code using web technologies using C# and .Net. I was at Airspan for 10 years.

Around about 2005, I started my contracting career. My first contract was with Sperry Marine in New Malden. Sperry Marine had recently been bought by Northrop Grumman. I was taken on to help rewrite their VisionMaster navigation systems. The VisionMaster system is still in operation today. I was at Sperry Marine for just over two years.

Sperry Visionmaster

I then worked for a company called Pixology who made online and kiosk photo printing systems. Their kiosk printing systems were used in Jessops and Tesco among other places. I was at Pixology for six months.

My next contract was in 2007 at a company called SSP who provide insurance solutions to a lot of other companies including Liverpool Victoria, Axa and Direct Line. I was working on the Kwik Fit car insurance web site. This was another long contract - I ended up working for SSP in Worthing, then in Farnborough and then (remotely) in Halifax. All in all about 2 years.

Then I did a one year contract at a Mars Capital. This turned into a permanent job, and I was there for a further three years.

I then went back to contracting and worked for a company called Salary Finance in Hammersmith. I worked there for 15 months.